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Having written so many stories for myself, just for fun, and to improve my writing skills, I thought it was time for other people to assess how well I did… or not. Writing is so much fun, as you can subject your characters to so many possible, and near impossible feats of daring do. I try to convey as much atmosphere and 'feelings' as possible into my stories so my readers become silent witnesses to the events. If I can impart the full range of sight, sound, and emotional impact while they enjoy the unfolding story, then I have succeeded. If my characters could speak outside the books, they'd probably all say that they hate me for what I put them through.
I started writing full time after retiring in 2013, after thirty years in the construction field with my first book ‘He Who Dares’, and much to my surprise, it was received very well, despite its short comings of poor editing. Since then I have improved slightly, writing twelve more books, my last, ‘Wolf Pack’, Book Three ‘Retribution’, a post alien invasion story. Most, if not all are military Scifi and action adventure with a military theme.
After a lifetime of interesting jobs, starting with going to sea at fifteen, spending a few years in the Royal Engineers, mining for gold in the Amazon jungle, to working on oil rigs in South America, environmental cleanup work in Alaska in late November, and large construction projects around the world, I found I had a wonderful well of experience to draw on for my stories.
To me, it’s all about the story you have to tell. Is it something the reader will enjoy? Will he or she be drawn in by the plot or story line, and can you keep the readers interest to the end. As Hollywood found out years ago, the best story was the one where the hero beats the bad guys and rode, walked, or drove into the sunset with the girl, the gold or both, and so it should be with a good story.
As one reviewer put it:
Wolf Pack – Book Three – Retribution: This book was the capstone of the series. I really don’t know where you could go from here. The ONLY thing I don’t like is there are only 5 stars to rate this book. With all due respect to his works, even the Grand Master himself might comment “Not bad”. Liked the first, loved the second, found the third had been out and—-well sufficient to say my wife has been sleeping for several hours into the night while I finished the book. For anyone who has enjoyed the works of Mister(s) Ringo, Heinlein, Drake, Hubbard, or EE Smith, you will be in for a treat. Bill Hodges

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